Official carrier of the Îles de la Madeleine since 1944

CTMA Dragage et remorquage

Dragage CTMA

The new CTMA Dragage & Remorquage division specializes in marine dredging work for the Islands’ different ports, and in towing and ship berthing assistance.

This division also does contract work for the Canadian Coast Guard and Mines Seleine for navigational buoy management and takes care of ice breaking on the Mines Seleine access channel in winter. CTMA Dragage & Remorquage also owns a barge which can be used as a platform for different projects around the archipelago. The two subsidiaries of this division are Dragage IM and IM Tug.




CTMA Agence Maritime

Agence CTMA

CTMA Agence Maritime’s operations mainly benefit the other subsidiaries of the cooperative. For example, the Agence Maritime is responsible for maintaining the entire fleet of tractors and trailers.

It is also in charge of welding, carpentry and electrical work for all the cooperative’s ships and vessels.

In addition, CTMA Agence Maritime provides mooring, hauling and casting-off services for ships of the CTMA or any other ship. The division’s external operations include selling parts for, and repairing, Volvo Penta engines.

To contact CTMA Agence Maritime’s customer service department, please call 418-986-4029.



CTMA Immobilière

CTMA immobiliere

The CTMA Immobilière division owns several buildings used for the CTMA’s operations.

The CTMA owns warehouses and offices in Cap-aux-Meules, Souris, Moncton, Quebec City and Montreal. Some buildings have spaces available for rent.







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