Official carrier of the Îles de la Madeleine since 1944


Our team

Management team

  • Emmanuel Aucoin

    Emmanuel Aucoin

    General Manager
  • Johanne Turbide

    Johanne Turbide

    Director, Finance, & Assistant to the General Manager
  • Mario Landry

    Mario Landry

    Director, Shipping Operations
  • Hugues Arseneau

    Hugues Arseneau

    Director, Highway Transportation
  • Claudia Delaney

    Claudia Delaney

    Director, Communication & Marketing
  • Dominik Arseneau

    Dominik Arseneau

    Director, Transportation
  • Alain Brophy

    Alain Brophy

    General Counsel and Head of Government affairs

Board of directors

  • Marius Arseneault

    Marius Arseneault

    Chairman, Board of Directors
  • Normand Lebel

    Normand Lebel

    Vice-Chairman, Board of Directors
  • Nathaël Chiasson

    Nathaël Chiasson

  • Élie Chevrier

    Élie Chevrier

  • Joël R. Arseneau

    Joël R. Arseneau

  • Marc-Olivier Corbeil

    Marc-Olivier Corbeil

  • Marie-Michelle Cyr

    Marie-Michelle Cyr


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